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To whom it may concern,


Commercial Consultants Ireland have been partners with Rainwater TSS for the last 24 months. CCI are delighted with how this partnership has flourished. In that time and we have worked on numerous projects together and have several more in the pipeline.

Rainwater TSS really are industry leaders when it comes to Rainwater harvesting and Rain pools. We have successfully arranged and installed one of these in a large client of ours in Cork. What I like most about Rainwater TSS is their knowledge, professionalism and they always put the client first.


Alan Bourke

Managing Director

Commercial Consultants Ireland


To Whom It May Concern:

This office would highly recommend the services of Rainwater Technologies Systems& Services Ltd. to anyone in need of a design and or installation of rainwater solutions i.e. attenuation, storage, harvesting etc. Rainwater Technologies Systems & Services Ltd. assisted this office in developing a solution for the dispersal of rain/storm water for a large housing development in Co. Limerick, where due to pre-existing obstacles it was not possible to discharge to the storm water sewer or nearby watercourse in the town. The solution as designed dealt with the requirements of the rain/storm water of said housing development and addressed the conditions as set out by the Local Planning Authority. During the project, this office found the staff of Rainwater Technologies Systems & Services Ltd. to be outgoing and professional, meeting all deadlines set of them. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Michael Connolly  B.Eng. (Ord) MIEI Dip. Con. Std.

Donal Brosnan Dip. Con. Std.

Architectural Design & Development Ltd