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RainShower - luxury by mother nature

One you tried it, you never want to miss it again! The RainShower brings a Spa experience to your home.



- It is not a shower, it is water luxury! That is the only thing describing this experience in a proper way. From a point of beauty due to hair and skin it is a treatment no bodylotion or conditioner can offer you.

The RainWater TSS Aqua Plus System is designed to provide an the next evolution in to our Eco Plus system for both domestic and commercial application with bathing water supply now also being catered for. Aqua Plus Systems are underground systems which collect rainwater from your roof. The rainwater is filtered before entering the underground storage tank and subjected to Ultra violet light sterilization ensuring a safe clean as nature intended water supply that is free from all chemicals.



Our RainShower is pure luxury and with the highest level of quality as you can only find it in our beautiful nature!

As rainwater is soft water it is not only better for doing the laundry but soft water is also better for your skin, hair and nails and it requires less shampoo and soaps to lather providing more potential savings. Aqua Plus adds bathing & shower water which now means that up to 94% of all water used in the home can now be provided by your rainwater harvesting system. But not only your hair and skin will thank you for this Spa experience but further this green solution is environmental friendly and will decrease your ecological footprint.








For your home, the Rain Plus System of RainWater TSS can be more than a green solution. Next to the fact that our product is environmental friendly, it offers you a healthy skincare which could not be more pure and natural.

Think about the RainShower in your own bathroom!



The Aqua Plus System is also ideal for sports clubs and gyms where showers are the major water requirement on an ongoing basis.

It also caters for the Hotel, Hostel and B&B sector where water usage and water bills are quite significant but providing shower & toilet water to the premises.  Capacity can be as large as 300,000 Litres if required, no water challenge is too great or too small for RainWater TSS to find the perfect solution to.

As well as Home, Club & Hotel the Aqua Plus rainwater harvesting system can be used in offices, factories and anywhere water is used on a daily basis.


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