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Rainwater Harvesting is a system used for collecting and storing rainwater from rooftops primarily using simple techniques such as water butts,  overground tanks and underground tanks.  Depending on your desired use of the harvested rainwater, filter systems are used to clean the water to the required standard.
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There are many advantages to a rainwater harvesting system

  • • Future proofing your home against potential mains water cost
  • Future proofing your home because you can now supply your own water
  •   (water security)
  • • Excellent source of water for landscape irrigation
  • • Home systems such as water butts can be relatively simple to install and operate
  • • The very best in water luxury for a better bathing experience
  • Soft water supply in hard water areas



Ireland's climate is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean - so our rainwater does not pass over heavily industrial areas picking up man-made pollutants and contaminants. This gives us a fresh clean water supply to harvest.

On average it rains 188 days of the year - this also means it does not rain for 156 days.  So we do not only have a clean source of rainwater but we also have a consistent source of rainwater and with sized storage, a continued use for rainwater when the weather is dry. Rainwater harvesting is ideal for Ireland’s high level of rainfall, in 2015 a study showed that 1.5 cubic metres of rain fell per square metre in Ireland. The same study shows that on average we have a water usage of 150 litres per person per day.