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Composite Timber Decking 4 Colours to choose from - Charcoal, Grey, Oak & Redwood

Anti-Slip Anti Fungal Timber decking with low water absorption (0.5%) composite decking suitable for our Irish climate.

Made from 100% Recycled Materials 25 year life decking (Timber 8 years)

Composite Timber deck is slip resistant, anti fungal low maintenance option.  It does not require annual treating, sanding or staining which adds  time, effort and cost value over its 25 year lifetime.  Wooden decks have a 7-8 year life on average - but will need to be replaced at least twice in the lifetime of a composite timber deck.

We can design your decking to ensure minimum off cuts and waste so you get best value as well as supply of all fixings and components required.

Installation service also available if required.

Composite Decking has many key advantages including the following:

-Child Friendly

-Slip Resistant


-Free of Toxic Additives

-Hidden fixing system

-Heat resistant Longlife

-Expected Lifespan of over 25 years

-Environmentally Friendly

-Made from Recycled Materials

-Really Low Maintenance

-No need to paint, sand and seal each year

-Cheaper than conventional wood over time

-Easy To Install & Cut

-Consistent in size and shape


-2 Style Options on One board

-Vastly Out-Performs Wood while maintaining a Wood-Like Appearance

-Eliminates warping, splitting, woodworm and rotting

-Fungi and mould growth are drastically reduced over conventional lumber

-Consistent Product Colour

-Resistance to insect and termite attacks

-Low Water Absorption rate of approximately 0.5% (wood can be up to 100%)

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