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The RainPool - pure luxury powered by nature 


Imagine swimming in a fresh clean clear water and experiencing the health benefits of bathing in soft rainwater. A RainPool will increase your walk in customer potential and also grow and maintain your leisure centre membership.


Now - imagine that this can be achieved whilst reducing your operating costs and lowering your carbon footprint.

Ireland's rainwater is the purest source of water you will find on our beautiful island! 

Our RainPool is filled with rainwater and uses 70% to 90% less chlorine than a standard pool and Jacuzzi. The change in both the water and ambiance of your leisure centre, will create an altogether better and wholesome experience for customers and staff.



Offer your customers the experience of a pure and natural swim. Your customers will enjoy both the cosmetic and environmental benefits of our RainPool, including:

  • • Less irritation for those suffering from skin conditions such as eczema
  • • 70-90% less chlorine in the pool
  • • Softer on your Skin and Hair
  • • Environmentally Friendly
  • • Softer on Eyes as less Irritants in the Pool
  • • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • • Less Chemical Additions
  • • More pleasant Swimming Experience


 Thanks to the Hibernian Hotel Mallow for sharing the discovered advantages of the customer's point of view with us!


There are many advantages to implementing the green solution of our RainPool. In addition to the customer's enhanced experience, the benefits to your company will be:

  • • Operational costs reduced
  • • Improve your company's green image
  • • Enhanced customer experience
  • • Unique selling feature
  • • Improved working environment for staff



RainWater TSS possesses a unique understanding of the hotel, building, mechanical/electrical and rainwater harvesting industries. We can design and install a RainPool and other rainwater solutions for your hotel and business without interruption to the services you offer your customers.


Water and appliance efficiency survey

Before a rainwater solution can be designed for your business, we first must ensure that your business is meeting your water requirements as efficiently as possible. The benefit of our survey is a potential reduction in water costs before any rainwater harvesting solution is identified. Our survey has saved hotels 87% water usage per person per day with minimum capital cost to your business.


If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us!