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Imagine a customer experience of swimming in a fresh clean clear water lake and the known health benefits of bathing in soft rainwater. A RainPool will increase your walk in customer potential and also grow and maintain your leisure centre membership.

Now imagine that this can be achieved whilst reducing your operational cost and increasing your environmental standing amongst your peers and customers.

A RainPool is a pool that is supplied by rainwater with 70% to 90% of chorine removed from the pool and Jacuzzi. Changing both the water and atmosphere feel of your leisure centre, creating an all together better and wholesome experience for customers and staff.

RainWater TSS possesses the unique understanding of the hotel, building, mechanical/electrical and rainwater harvesting industries. We can design and install a RainPool and other rainwater harvesting solutions for your hotel and business without interruption to the services you offer your customers.


Water appliances, practices and usage survey.

Before any rainwater harvesting solutions can be applied to your business, we first must ensure that your business is operating your water requirements as efficiently as possible, the benefits of the survey is a potential reduction in cost before any rainwater harvesting solution is applied, our survey has saved hotels 87% per person per day water usage with minimum capital cost to your business