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Over the past few years, waste water treatment systems (Septic tanks) have experienced impressive technological developments. Today, they are high-tech products equipped with sophisticated controls and various pumps, sensors and valves. However, it is all these sensors, pumps, valves and technology in the tank itself which makes installation, maintenance and servicing of these systems high cost and subject to breakdown.

RainWater TSS are pleased to introduce the One2Clean Waste Water Management system.  It has no mechanical or electrical components in the tank yet it outperforms all other systems by using Aeration of the sludge to activate the sludge to break down more efficiently.

Click HERE for an overview on Sequenced Batch Reactor (SBR) and how it works.

Click HERE for an overview of how simple the One2Clean really is.


One2Clean dispenses with the unnecessary extras, making it a reliable solution.  It does this using the Clean Water Lifter.

  • • Only one seamless PE Clean Water Lifter per Tank
  • • Annual Energy Consumption of 35kW/hr per PE
  • • Comes with Control Panel to set the Aeration Cycle 
  • • External Pump pumping air through the sludge
  • • No mechanical elements in the waste water
  • • No pumps in the waste water
  • • No electrical components in the waste water
  • • Simple Maintenance - simply power wash the PE Clean Water Lifter
  • • Comes with Integrated Sampling Chamber.

Click image to the right for more information on the PE Clean Water Lifter


One2Clean also comes full compliant to EU standards and is full compliant with EN12566-3 which is the standard set in the European Union for the governance of Waste Water Systems.  Click HERE to see certificate of conformance.  As well as that RainWater TSS has its own specially trained installers who are trained and qualified to both install the One2Clean system and to also come and survey your site for suitability for installation.  Please see our installer list at the top of the site for an installer near you.


So when you install a One2Clean not only are you getting the best system on the market but you also get peace of mind with the following:-

  • • 3 years warranty on technology
  • • 15 years warranty on Tanks
  • • Guaranteed quality installation by RainWater TSS trained installers
  • • Fully Compliant to EU Standards EN12566-3

Test Results for performance of One2Clean systems have been measured and these results far exceed the requirements as set out in the regulations.

These performance results can be seen HERE


One2Clean comes ready for both Domestic and Commercial use.  Commercial units are designed on an as required basis and do need a survey to get the system size and requirements for the installation.  One2Clean can service up to 200 persons.  RainWater TSS offer FREE consultation to both Commercial & Domestic users.


For domestic installations One2Clean comes in a single chamber system up to 9 persons, click HERE for details.

For 10 - 18 persons a Two Tank system is required, click HERE for details.


Installation of the One2Clean could not be simpler.  It does not require an concrete base to be installed on.  Compacted max. 16mm Round base is all that is required.

The system comes complete to site so all the installer has to do in position the tank and backfill. The pre-commissioned One2Clean is a plug and play system so as soon as the inlet is connected and the outlet is connected to the percolation area the One2Clean is ready to work for you.  This is subject to percolation results.

One2Clean is manufactured for recycled non-GRP PE plastics which is more durable than anu other tanks on the market and is less prone to cracking.  Another major advantage of the One2Clean tank over GRP tanks is thant the One2Clean tank can be plastic welded making it easy to repair.  GPR tanks need to be replaced when they crack, One2Clean does not.


The One2Clean on requires 3 steps to be fully functioning.

1. Inflow of Waste, this can be continued even during the Aeration process - click One 

2. Sedimentation and settlement process - click One2

3. Aeration - 2 x 45 minutes daily the Aeration cycle occurs - click One2Clean


One2Clean has its own control unit and external Aeration pump which is located in the users home.  This control unit can be manually set to control Aeration cycles depending on levels of occupancy.   There is no complicated installation required with this control unit as it is already commissioned so as soon as it is connected and plugged into a power source it is ready to work.  See HERE for image.



Finally Sludge removal.  One2Clean produces up to 3 times less sludge than a conventional Bio Cycle system which means it needs to be desludged 3 times less which continues to give the end user value for money.  As there are no electrical or mechanical parts in the tank itself all that is required is for the tank to be washed and inspected.  Better system that continues to offer great service to the user.  Click HERE for details.


If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us!

one2clean dispenses with the unnecessary extras, making it a reliable solution:Only one tank with only one chamber required  Less energy consumption and less wear No mechanical elements in the waste water No pumps in the waste water No electrical components in the waste water Incredibly little sewage sludge Price includes VAT and delivery in Ireland
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