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- the next generation for Irish Domestic & Commercial users

RainWater TSS is proud to introduce simplicity to waste water treatment once again using Sequenced Batch Reaction(SBR) Technology.  These SBR systems offer as much technology as required and as little technology as possible and its the simplicity of this market leading waste water treatment systems that set them apart.  RainWater TSS are proud to introduce the One2Clean and the Klaro Waste Water Management systems for domestic and commerical use - there are options available for 2 person dwelling all the way up to 300 person dwelling and beyond.  

The One2Clean & Klaro SBR systems are market leaders on the continent and in the UK with over 250,000 satisfied users and it is now available in Ireland.


We offer 2 types of solutions to the Irish market.

One2Clean system is a one tank one chamber domestic waste water system. There is no segregation of waste and the One2Clean aeration process activates the sludge to reduce efficiently, more that 4 times more efficiently that conventional systems.  The One2Clean is also odourless.


It is an industry leader on the continent and in the UK and sets the standards to which all other systems try to achieve.  Currently there are over 250,000 satisfied users of the One2Clean and now you can get it in Ireland.  Please call today for more information as each installation is site specific depending on your ground condition and percolation results.  There is no one size fits all solution to your waste water needs and we are happy to engage with you and your engineer to get the best system and value for you.  

The One2Clean can be designed and installed in a 2 person home right up to a 200 person commercial unit with system for everything in between.

The Klaro system is also a single chamber domestic waste water system.  It does segregate the sludge into seperate compartments with the aeration process focusing on the sludge overflow into the secondary chamber.  



Both systems are industry leaders that set the bar for others to follow in transportation, installation, commissioning, reliability and servicing. 

For further information and prices, please contact us or your local installer on our installer list



All our waste water treatment systems are suitable for small and large commercial applications. The RainWater TSS design team can specify and design the waste water treatment system for business's, school's, hotels etc.