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Rain collectors & downpipe filters

- for maximum water quality

Rain collectors and downpipe filters to suit a wide range of requirements: The Speedy rain collector connects your water butt to the downpipe in just 5 minutes. The Pro downpipe filter can be used for roof areas of up to 200 square metres. The internal filter of RainWater TSS downpipe filters and rain collectors deliver outstanding water quality and feature an automatic overflow inhibit.


RainWater TSS offer downpipe filters to cater for both round & square downpipes with a variety of colours to suit everyone, this is the one stop shop for all your downpipe filter needs and even better, you will receive a free downpipe filter with every purchase of a Water Butt - don't forget to select round or square!


Our Speedy Downpipe filter is the easy install solution with no need to cut pipes.  Speedy for Round Downpipes & Speedy Quattro for Square Downpipes.


Simply drill a hole in your downpipe and in your water butt and connect, even the drill piece is included in the pack so you have all the parts you need to connect!

Downpipe Connectors are available in various colours and also for various roof areas.  Please ensure that you select the Downpipe Connector for your Downpipe.


Each WaterButt sold comes with a FREE Downpipe Connector for either Round or Square Downpipe.  If your roof size is bigger than 70 square metres the Downpipe Connector will also need to be upgraded accordingly.  Please feel free to contact us prior to your purchase and we will happily advise on the Downpipe Connector for you.


If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us!