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We provide water security!

The RainWater TSS Eco Plus System is designed to provide an alternative water supply for Toilets and Washing machines for both domestic and commercial application.


Typically flushing water accounts for 27% of our water consumption on average according to data collected in Ireland in 2015.  Adding another 10% of daily water usage for the washing machine and 12% for external water use like gardening. This allows 50% of your daily water needs to be supplied by a RainWater TSS Eco Plus System. 


Eco Plus Systems are underground systems which collect rainwater from your roof.  The rainwater is filtered before entering the underground storage tank.  Here it can be extracted for garden and external washing use as with the Garden Plus System.  

The collected rainwater is also fed into a header tank in your attic or plant room where it is used to feed toilets and washing machines.


Currently we are flushing our toilets with water which is supplied to a drinking water quality - bit mad is it not!


The softness of rainwater helps prevent limescale and calcium deposits so it is healthier for pipework and washing machines adding to the lifespan of appliances and plumbing, especially in regions in hard water areas.

Heating systems are closed systems often circulating water around our homes, offices and buildings. Using soft rainwater in these heating system also significantly reduces limescale and calcium build up making your heating system more efficient and helping to add longevity.


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The Carat-S tank is different from traditional tanks. Made from a robust PE plastic, the tank can arrive to site in 2 halves to allow easy access to the back of a home removing the need for a crane. The tank can be backfilled without the need for concrete. A simpler and more cost effective installation PRICE INCLUDES DELIVERY AND COMPONENTS (See More Info)
The Platin tank is a shallow dig tank, light in weight without compromising strength. Eco Plus caters for Garden Water use plus Toilets & Washing Machine. Price includes delivery & components (See More info)
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