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Garden Plus Rainwater Harvesting systems cater for water used externally in your home or business.


On the continent, where the billing for water supply and rainwater harvesting are much more advanced there is a term frequently used for water consumption in the home or business - water luxury.  Simply, when there are water shortages and water charges we will look at how we use water we will examine how we use water and we will start reducing our water usage. Luxury water is non essential water like garden, car washing, window/deck/patio/external washing and it is an area where we will reduce our consumption to reduce both supply issues and water bills.  Recent studies have shown that 12% of our total water supply is external water.


A Garden Plus RainWater Harvesting system can be either above or below ground which offers many design & install options and it protects the end users external luxury water supply - it also relives supply pressure on the local water suppliers leading to a better quality water supply service to industry, commerce and homes in your region.


Plants grow better in rainwater, which has a balanced pH and is free of chemicals such as chlorine
With the onset of water restrictions, hose-pipe bans and drought orders it makes perfect sense to collect roof water for later use. Using water which has been treated to a drinking water standard for your garden, washing your car, windows, patio or deck does not make much sense from both a users and water supplier point of view.
Save money, a standard hosepipe can deliver up to 500 litres per hour, it is very easy to forget just how expensive it can be to use water in the garden. It's not until the bill arrives, when you will find out just how much it costs.
Filtering the water as it enters the tank, optimum results can be achieved. Resulting in better, cleaner water and ensuring nozzles and sprayers are kept unblocked.  UV stable tanks are supplied for overground options which inhibit the growth of algae and bacteria in the tank making it better for plants and fish.


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Quality underground Garden Water Rain Water Harvesting System  Fully CE Certified Rainwater Harvesting System that will meet the needs of all your external water needs. Price includes full system comprising of 1500Litre Shallow Excavation Tank, Dome with Lid with adjustable Height, Automatic submersible pump, Basket Filter and External Hose Connection Box...
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The Platin tank is a shallow dig tank, light in weight, strong on accessibility. Price includes delivery & components (See More info)
The Carat-S tank is different from traditional tanks. Made from a robust PE plastic, the tank can arrive to site in 2 halves to allow easy access to the back of a home removing the need for a crane. The tank can be backfilled without the need for concrete. A simpler and more cost effective installation PRICE INCLUDES DELIVERY AND COMPONENTS (See More Info)
Multi-purpose – above ground, below ground and basements. The Herkules tank with the incomparable price-performance ratio. Groundwater-stable! Garden tank comes with Free Standard Tap, Connector Kit & Downpipe Filter(please ensure you select Round or Square Downpipe Filter).
The top tank (Pro grow line) is a must have for professional home growers.  Garden tank comes with Free Standard Tap, Connector Kit & Downpipe Filter(please ensure you select Round or Square Downpipe Filter). If you wish to upgrade please select from the drop down items, these can be viewed in the Accessories menu.
This tank is a practical solution for all gardeners providing large capacity at the right cost. Power washers or Garden hoses can be connected to these tanks making them the complete water storage unit with 500L, 750L and 1000L options available. Garden tank comes with Free Standard Tap, Connector Kit & Downpipe Filter(please ensure you select Round...
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