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Ireland's rainwater is the purest source of water you will find on our beautiful island! 

Rainwater harvesting is a system of collecting, storing, and using rainwater for domestic and commercial needs. The rainwater is collected from various hard surfaces such as roof tops. The most common way of collecting and using rainwater from roofs and guttering is in water butts or containers for use in the garden or for other external uses such as car washing, patio, deck or window washing.

Larger rainwater harvesting systems can be used for domestic or commercial developments.


Harvested rainwater is a renewable source of clean water that is ideal for domestic and commercial use. Ireland has an abundance of clean pure fresh water, the rain fall just needs a rain solution.

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There are many advantages to a rainwater harvesting system

  • • Makes use of a natural resource and reduces flooding and storm water runoff
  • • Reduces the demand on the Region Water Supply System
  • • Excellent source of water for landscape irrigation
  • • Secure clean home and business water supply
  • • Home systems such as water butts can be relatively simple to install and operate
  • • If you have a metered account you can significantly reduce your annual water bill
  • • Promotes water conservation
  • • Pollutant and chemical free, better quality water for your home
  • • Better water at a better price for business

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The Carat-S tank is different from traditional tanks. Made from a robust PE plastic, the tank can arrive to site in 2 halves to allow easy access to the back of a home removing the need for a crane. The tank can be backfilled without the need for concrete. A simpler and more cost effective installation PRICE INCLUDES DELIVERY AND COMPONENTS (See More Info)
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